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Our Products

Red Capsicum

November - July

Our pride and our main product. Our red capsicum in the Red Box is known for ist quality, taste and long shelf life. We grow it to very high standards and we are responsible for it from the moment it is picked throughout the entire process until it reaches the market. That is why our slogan is "Farm to Market".

Orange And Yellow Capsicum

Novmber - July

In addition to our Red Capsicum, we grow Yellow and Orange Capsicum as part of our diversification. They are grown to very high standards and are of the best quality.

Exclusive: EverGreen Capsicam

December - February

We have developed a very unique capsicum, the EverGreen verity, wich is designed to be picked green. It has a rich taste, not like the regular pre-picked capsicum. And it has the advantage of having a very long shelf life.

Purple Artichoke

Novmber - April

As tasty as it is beautiful, our purple artichoke is a very interesting product, and we are looking for new markets.

Hot Chili Peppers
November - March
One of our favorite products; fresh, spicy and beautiful Hot Chili Peppers. They are not extremely hot; they have just the right amount of spiciness. GREEN or RED varieties.
Cherry Tomatos=
December - March
In the past, this was our main product, one of our specialties and also the source of our company name Cherries+sa - (short for Saada) Cherriessa.
4 Colors and a bit of spiciness

Novmber - July

We grow 4 colors of capsicum to provide you with the right amount of each(included our Chilli Peppers).

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