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Cherriessa Ltd. - Sorts, packages & exports vegetables from Israel to Russia and Europe. 

We grow mainly Capsicums, Arichokes, Chilli Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes.

Cherriessa Ltd. - Represents the best quality and standards. 

Certified as: Global G.A.P 4050373724153 & Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 

Cherriessa Ltd. - Founded in 2009 to address the development and growth of 'The Saada Family Modern Farm'; functions as a packing house and exporter


Saada Agriculrue Ltd. - The Saada Family Modern Farm

Katzir ha-Magal Ltd. - The Saada Family Modern Farm Expansion

and additional growers who joined our successful venture

We export more than 5000 tons of capsicums every year between November and July

David Saada
Founder and Manger

The founder Of  "Saada Agriculture Ltd." - Our Family Farm | The Manager of "Cherriessa" Packing House | CEO Of "Cherriessa" Export Department

Nufar Saada

The Co-Founder of "Cherrissa Ltd." | European Export Department Manager

Magal Saada
Grower & Co-Manger

The Founder and CEO of "Katzir ha-Magal Ltd." - expension of "The Saada Family Modern Farm | "Saada Agriculrue" & "Katzir ha-Magal" Farms-Grower and fields manger.

Hagit Goldman 
Logistics & Administration

Logistics & Adminstration

Polina artemova 
Sales and marketing

The sales and marketing maneger of "Cherrissa Ltd." | Russia Exports Department Manager

Yogev Saada

Agronomist | Certified as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Inspector


'The Saada Farm ' was founded in 1989 by David Saada (Dudi). Over the years, David has specialized in growing grapes, bananas, peppers, eggplants, onions and chili-peppers, all exported under the "Carmel" brand. 

Since 2004, the farm has specialized in growing cherry-tomatoes. 
'The Saada Farm' is the largest grower of cherry-tomatoes in Israel with 20 hectares under cultivation. 10 more hectares are used to cultivate peppers and chili-peppers. David Saada is certified in organic agriculture and has much experience growing organic cherry-tomatoes. 

Since 2009, the farm has been managed as three companies, working as one unified unit. We grow chill peppers, cherry tomatos and capsicums

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